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From Germany 0800 589 0129

Subscription Licence in the Cloud and Perpetual Licence – Functionality of the Software Versions

We have the right fit for everyone! In order to offer the optimal solution for the different areas of application of the Meeting Report, the following versions are available:

Web based: With our new product, PROMAN "pure task minutes", you are in the fast lane!

Simple and easy to use:
The web based app offers you all the essetial functions that enable you to take minutes efficiently and easily.

Create a project, enter participants and start taking minutes!
Use the available templates for your minutes and file notes. You can easily upload and edit images as well as section plans. You can distribute the tasks via e-mail, print them out, or assign to any PROMAN user directly in the App. In addition, the cockpit gives you an overview of all tasks across all projects.

Pure task minutes, the web-based Meeting Report App can be accessed from any device and from anywhere on the internet via browser
This allows you to work with a team team efficiently and from any location.

Always there for you: make reports without detours – with out Subscription Version in the Cloud

If you want even more flexibility, use or Cloud Subscription Version with all the Premium functions.
Through our Cloud Subscription version, we take care of the hosting, administration, and updating the software on our servers in Vienna. Of course, you also have access to the software at any time and from anywhere via the Internet.


By the way: Support/hotline is automatically included in every package.

All our cloud Subscription versions are initially set up for two years and can later be cancelled annually.

Are you interested in the cloud Subscription version or hosting for your existing licences? We look forward to hearing from you – simply use the contact form. You can also call us directy at +43 1 478 05 67 or from Germany at 0800 589 0129!

Buy once – local installation of the software with our perpetual licence

Lite Edition

PROMAN Meeting Report Lite – Your comprehensive basic package

Whether as a starter set or as a solution for end-device-bound licenses, the Lite Edition offers all the basic functions that enable you to take minutes efficiently. Also available for you – PROMAN Address management for managing your project partners´ contact info!

Get the one-time offer of 449,00 Euro (net) for a Lite licence. The amount is to be paid once. Simply place your order online!

Premium Edition

PROMAN Meeting Report Premium – a convenient way to take minutes.

The extended range of functions of the PROMAN meeting report is not only suitable for the concurrent user licence model, but also for individual workstations. This editon is equipped with extensive import, export, and synchronisation options,as well as the option to work in offline mode. If you are interested in the Premium Version we would be happy to prepare a non-binding offer for you. We look forward to hearing from you – simply use the contact form. You can also call us directy at +43 1 478 05 67 or from Germany at 0800 589 0129!

Custom Edition

PROMAN Meeting Report Custom – your requirement is our incentive!

With our custom edition, we offer to customisethe PROMAN Meeting Report for your infrastructure and application areas. Whether specific functions or additional interfaces, we would love to customise the PROMAN Meeting Report for optimal integration into existing or newly developed work processes. Contact us and together we will find the optimal solution. We will prepare a non-binding offer for you.

We are happy to offer on-site and online training for our software. Please contact us for a non-binding offer.

In the following list you will find the range of functions of Lite and Premium Edition.

Lite Premium
Address management
Drag and drop from Outlook to create new contacts
Export to PDF
Export to Excel
Import from Excel
Synchronisation with Outlook
Synchronisation with MS SQL
Synchronisation with MS Access
Advanced search options
Sychronisation of COOR (COOR LLC. product) via PROMAN

Taking minutes
Create/ edit reports
File notes
Continous (“endless”) report, for example Jour fixe
Report view editor
Image editing for defect management
Save attachments directly in the database
Create and send invitations and agendas
Import / export projects or reports
for other companies with PROMAN

Simple print settings
Print settings incl. Logo
Use of layouts *
Self-defined statuses (e.g. decision)
Languages for print templates and editing
* (only layouts included in the setup, no peronalised layouts)

Layout Editor
Layout for title page
Layout for participant distribution list
Layout for report structure
Layout for chapters

Custom layouts
Print forms developed according to customer requirements (coming soon)

Print/ Export reports
Export as PDF
Export as RTF (Word)
Automatic e-mail dispatch via Outlook or MAPI e-mail client

Project internal evaluations *
Analyses of reports
Evaluations across projects
Filtering of reports via responsibilities (inc. aut. e-mail dispatch)
* (restricted to item status, employee and company)

Supported databases
Database SQL CE (slower und only for local PCs)
Microsoft SQL (Network compatible,
scalable,for small companies free of charge,
and applicable for big companies)
Can be used from multiple PCs

Additional functions
Offline work (e.g. on Laptop)

Supported license types
Concurrent User License Model
Permission and user administration
Standard user management
Active Directory Integration
Permission administration
Hide projects
Maintenance and support
Remote maintenance, updates and support directly on your PC with a valid maintenance contract
Supported languages