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PROMAN Meeting Report

For a project to be successful, all three factors in Information management
Organisation, Technology, People
must be optimally coordinated with each other. We offer you the technical tool to make this happen.

It is essential, in large projects, to record the decisions made in various meetings.
PROMAN Meeting Report specializes in taking professional minutes and offers you the tools to keep track of all the vital information for your projects. Click here to see the available editions and features.

Create with us:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Reports
  • File notes
  • Tasks and schedule lists

The simple assignment of people, companies, or functions to meeting points and specifying due dates ensures a clear responsibility structure. The report points which are not marked as “completed”, are automatically carried over into the next meeting report. This means that the status can be called up at any moment.

Automated processes are one of the major advantages over writing reports with Word and Excel and they help you save time and resources!

Add photos and attachments to the corresponding points in the report. The attachments will be added to the end of your report with reference to the relevant point.
The email with the report can be sent automatically. Drag-and-drop the contacts from the address book to automatically create the distribution list in the reports. Your individual email template speeds up the sending process.

You want a project partner to receive only the points that are relevant to them? This is also possible with PROMAN Meeting Report.

The past will be important in the future.

With the integrated “search” function, you can find people, companies, assigned features, text content, and much more. To refine the search results, you can combine the filter settings. This way, you can find the necessary info even years later, as well as context, and the relevant history.

To save time, with PROMAN, you can prepare for your meetings ahead of time. Using the filter, you can decide which elements will be printed. You will automatically receive a template with free space for handwritten notes. You have a laptop and want to work offline? PROMAN offers specially configured solutions!

PROMAN can be optimally implemented in a company, not only due to the various licencing options, but also because the reports can be published in PX format, which enables cooperation with other companies. Introduce a standard for all your project partners with PROMAN- a software with which, due to its structure and functionality, you can not only take minutes on your regular meetings, but also write file notes, and create reports.

If you have questions about our licence models or would like a free demonstration of the PROMAN Meeting Report, contact us!

No time for a consultation or a demo presentation? Not a problem!
Our CEO Roland Pezzei shows you via video in a few steps how to write your minutes with the PROMAN Meeting Report.

Click here to watch the video!