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PROMAN - quick and easy handling

PROMAN 4.2 – pure task minutes

- 20. September 2022

Pure task minutes, the web-based Meeting Report App can be accessed via a browser from any device, anywhere on the internet. This allows you to work as part of a team – efficiently and from wherever you are.

PROMAN PORTAL – Tablet & Smartphone Modul

- 9. March 2022

Our web-based Meeting Report App offers you the flexibility to easily write minutes, insert photographs, or write comments from any device, regardless of the operating system you use.

Power User Tutorials

In the following tutorials you will find step-by-step explanations of the most important functions of the Meeting Report Module. Click through and if you have any questions, contact our hotline!

Simply minuted: Writing a report of a meeting quickly and clearly

- 9. July 2024

In this tutorial, you will create your report  of a meeting. You will learn how to take minutes easily and quickly and discover many small tricks to further speed up the process.

PROMAN Protocol – Tips and Tricks for Participant Distribution and Point Sorting

- 25. June 2024

By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube   Time savings in standard procedures for participant distribution and new functions for point sorting improve efficiency. How can you easily mark all participants as present and then mark individuals as absent? This is now simple with the new

PROMAN Protokoll – Search Assistant

- 25. June 2024

By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube   Efficient Information Retrieval in Protocols with the Search Assistant With the search assistant, you can precisely find all necessary information within a protocol and jump directly to those points. This function is practical not only for searching specific

PROMAN Report-View V2 – Tutorial

- 7. February 2023

Many functions that were previously only accessible to users via submenus or in a more cumbersome way, are now accessible via the right mouse button. The menu with the options changes depending on where you click.

PROMAN 4.2 – Send person-specific report excerpts

- 8. September 2022

Faster interface and many new features, for example: sending person-specific report excerpts. Keep everyone in the loop by sending meeting participants not only the entire meeting report, but also an excerpt of the report containing only their tasks and assignements.

PROMAN 4.1 – Report interface

- 21. April 2022

A tutorial for the users that work with the standard interface. Roland Pezzei guides you through the editing of the reports and shows you the most important points, as well as new methods that make your work easier.

PROMAN 4.1 Transmissible attributes

- 1. April 2022

Attributes can be created on a project basis, or centrally for employees, companies, or report points using the Toolbox. In
the standard interface, they can be managed via the Create/Edit Company/Employee field.

Image editing tutorial

- 22. February 2022

The intuitive and simple handling enables you to swiftly edit selected images.
You can simply drag and drop the pictures to the desired position.

Cockpit Tutorial

- 28. April 2020

Using the Cockpit you can quickly get an overview of all tasks. The tasks are automatically exported from the reports and displayed in one place.

Invites | Agenda | Agenda items

- 15. September 2019

In this video we present the new feature in PROMAN Meeting Report: Invites / Agenda / Agenda items

New functions in the 3.3 Version

- 15. September 2019

In this video, we will present to you the major enhancements in 3.3 version.

Search and evaluation

- 15. August 2019

How to use the search function to quickly find the desired information.

My first project

- 6. September 2018

In this video, you can find out, step by step, how to create your first project using PROMAN Meeting Report.

Intuitive reporting

- 6. May 2018

By reworking the old mask, the input field looks like the one you already know from “Word”.
You will be able to use PROMAN quite intuitively and focus on your meeting.

Image processing

- 17. November 2017

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