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Company history

Company history

PROMAN software was established in 1978 by a civil engineer, Rudolf Titze. He created it for his own use, to compile bidding documents, and to keep track of the execution of construction projects. This met with great approval from his partners and thus was the Meeting Report Module born. Later the company started offering software products as individualized solutions at special requests from customers.

Mr Dipl. -Ing. Roland Pezzei was won over by the software as a solution for writing efficient reports and joined the company. He took over the company in 2014. He was already experienced as a manager of international projects, especially in the financial and healthcare sectors. His expertise in the IT sector ensures he has a profound understanding and dedication to the product.

Under new management, PROMAN begins the relaunch of the Meeting Report Software, and takes this Software rich with tradition on a path of innovation.

„We are always innovating! “ is the motto that will guide PROMAN in the future.

20 employees are responsible for the future development and the smooth running of the company. With combined forces, we are working on living our motto and releasing the first mobile version for professional minutes in 2021. We are keeping up with the times and are increasingly focusing on mobility in order to simplify collaboration not only within the company, but also across companies.

Through the knowledge gained from using the program, and through constant exchange of ideas with our customers, our software is optimized continuously. Your feedback is our inspiration and drive for continuous improvement.

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