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PROMAN Address management

PROMAN Address Management gives you a complete overview of all your contacts and allows you to quickly assign them to your projects. Whether as a local solution or central management of all addresses for the entire company – PROMAN address management supports you beyond the sending of your protocol.

Address management
With its numerous features, the application not only allows you to manage addresses relevant to your report, but also provides you with a platform for all office and project-related activities involving address records.

PROMAN Address Management can be used to manage, select, evaluate, or provide all address information for export to other applications and programs, such as Excel, PDF or Outlook.
It can be synchronised with:

  • Excel (Import & Export)
  • Outlook (Import)
  • Access (Import)
  • SQL (Import)
  • PDF (Export)

PROMAN Meeting Report, with its address management, can be easily integrated into an existing filing and document structure

Edit Employee
The versatile options the program offers provide you with the tool for managing all your stakeholders. Add additional info to the records of your project partner as well as customers, and then you can use filters to organize them.

The custom filter lets you summarize and export your search results. Which customers should receive a Christmas card? Which suppliers are in my area? Information like this can be found easily and quickly with PROMAN address management.

Discover the benefits of using PROMAN in many areas of project management.