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PROMAN Word-like Interface – take minutes efortlessly

Our goal is to give you a tool which will save you valuable time. Our program offers various time-saving features, such as: It guides you through the structure, takes over the data that has not changed from the previous report, lets you insert frequently needed names and texts with a mouse click, etc.

the Word-like interfaceThe vital part of PROMAN used to collect the relevant info in one place is the Word-like interface. With the support from our users, we have further developed this module and reduced and simplified the work processes. The user interface enables intuitive use. Effortlessly created reports – click to see examples!

Ein Werk erfordert umso mehr Vorarbeit, je bedeutender und schwieriger es ist.

The PROMAN Word-like Interface gives you an advantage!

  • Intuitive and simple handling
  • Faster and simpler workflows
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Save time by taking minutes efficiently
  • Faster overview of all the points in the report
  • Directly linked to address management

Item editor
The PROMAN Interface is your cockpit with which you merge all content, texts, photos, and attachments for the discussed meeting points. Create distribution lists, mark present meeting participants, edit date, the person taking the minutes, and much more with just one click.

In a toolbox, all available features and functions are grouped and displayed clearly. This way, you always have all the tools you need at your disposal.

The Report Interface – taking minutes in a nutshell!

Learn more about the functions of the PROMAN interface in the online tutorials!

To make it easier for you to switch from Word or Excel, all basic functions have been combined in a convenient Lite Edition. Simply order online!